Faye Reagan, Is she the hottest ginger?

I love redheads and I don’t care if it’s natural or comes out of a bottle.  Redheads just sets off the bull in me, but is Faye Reagan the hottest ginger going?  I don’t think so, but if you narrow the question down to: Is Faye the hottest natural ginger, well, then you could make your argument.

Personally, I always thought she was a little elfish looking.  I think those puffy nipples are amazing, but once you jack off you’re left looking at a Christmas Elf that escaped Santa’s Workshop.

I do find her amazingly hot, until, I masturbate, then, meh.  See that’s the test if a woman is really hot, after you’re done jacking off, wishing that you could get it up again because she needs a second load.

Faye Reagan

Faye Reagan


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