Flashing Tits While Pumping Gas

Fetishes can be kinda odd at times.  Some Fetishes you understand and kinda go, well, I can see that, and then there are others that are like, wait what?  Stockings for example, I never had a stocking fetish, but seeing enough stocking fetish porn, I ended up liking it and now consider myself as having a lite-version of that fetish.

Years ago I came across this sorta odd fetish of women pumping gas.  The first time I heard about it, I kind of was like, wait what?  I tried to figure out why this was appealing and if anyone out there has a gas pumping fetish, I’m not going to judge you because I have a list of fetishes that would make most people blind, but serious, someone needs to explain this one to me.

The only thing that started making this fetish understandable is when there’s a photoshoot with a model like Lenka.  Those are some nice titties she has, granted, my eyes wandered for a bit and was like, “Aspiracao” yeah I notice background stuff.

Anyway, if you’re going to explain this fetish to me, at least include pics of a woman mostly naked pumping gas, I’m more likely to understand it.

FTV Girls

FTV Girls


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