The Attraction of Sticking Out Your Tongue

I discovered a few years back that I have an amazingly odd fetish or attraction.  I’ll say attraction because I don’t seek out this sort of thing, but if it happens naturally I’m attracted to it.  Anyway, my first girlfriend always used to playfully stick out her tongue at me whenever I frustrated her.

Back then I didn’t realize it, but this created a pleasant memory and association.  Jump forward a bunch of years, I was in my car with my dog and this woman passed by, I had seen her countless times before, but this time my dog was barking crazy at her, and she playfully turned her head and stuck her tongue out at my dog.  All I can say, I found it attractive, and this common looking woman, suddenly was attractive to me.

This is the picture that brought on this odd memory:

FTV Girls

FTV Girls


There you have it…shows you how your brain writes a happy neural pathway and even years later it’ll create that same feeling.

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