Erotic Nudes on Satin

Late teens and early twenties, you have to say that is the prime age for looking good.  I have a pretty good sense if a woman will age well and to be honest, most probably wont.  That’s why everyone should do nudes when they’re young, just so they have that thing to say that they were once hot.  What?  It kind of makes sense or is that just a line I use to get women naked.

Actually it’s more of a reflection upon my thinking today.  I came across some old pictures of myself when I was in college and I have to say…what the hell happened to me?  I didn’t exactly age horribly, but still, I used to be something pretty good looking and at the time I didn’t see it.  Oh well, let’s look at this photo shoot from Femjoy, they’re capturing beauty one erotic shoot at a time.




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