The Art of the Tease: Hayley Marie Coppin

You know by my previous post on Hayley that I have a thing for her and I was mulling over exactly why, because by now you also know I over think everything.  Hayley has appeared nude, she’s be stark naked, but she’s never gone too far.

Hayley will strip, show her boobs, her ass, and only give a hint of what her pussy will look like, but that’s it, she never goes too far, you’ll never see her with a toy or a man for that matter.  I think the tease factor that she brings to everything she does is why I’m taken with her.  Sure, there’s the whole, “she’s perfect looking” thing, but she knows how to tease and entice.

Thankfully women probably wouldn’t read this blog, but if they did the art of teasing and getting everything you ever want from a man rests with Hayley Marie Coppin, because I’m not kidding, I would nearly do anything a woman like Hayley asked of me and I think it’s all because she has mastered the art of the tease.

Hayley Marie Coppin

Hayley Marie Coppin


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