FTV Girl – Sexy Kinda 70′s Style chick

I don’t know why she reminds me of the 70′s but its like she would be the hot temptress in a Three’s Company episode.  Perhaps its the knit style dress she’s wearing or should I say stripping, but when I opened this pic up that the first thing I thought of, the 70′s.

As I get older, I have to admit, I really like retro porn.  Sex, nudity, and all that good stuff has somehow become more mainstream, which is great, honestly it is, but at the same time it makes porn a little less exciting.  I mean when you see porn from the 1940′s for example, those women were on the fringe and would be seriously admonished if anyone found out.  While I think you have some of it today, you don’t have it as much, and porn is a little less taboo.

One can only imagine how future generations will view porn, nudity, sex, etc.  People will probably look back on a blog like this and go, “Shit that’s some tame stuff!”  Anyway, we haven’t hit the future yet, so enjoy these photos from FTV Girls


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