Playfully Beauty from Femjoy

Does porn get better when it kinda looks like a woman you’ve had something with?  Yay, storytime with Mr. Blue and this is part of my mental randomness.  I have a female dentist and she’s a pretty little thing, but usually when I go to the dentist I don’t take notice of such things because I hate going to the dentist.

My hate for the dentist blinded me to the fact that my dentist is hot.  Last time though I swear she made me notice her.  As she was filling the cavity she leaned in close.  Close, really close, infact my head was kinda craddled up against her breast.  I don’t think I ever enjoyed the dentist that much.

What made me think of my dentist at this moment?  This playful beauty total reminds me of my dentist.  Kind of playful, willing and awesome. Femjoy has brought out this memory and bought me one amazing hardon.  Enjoy!


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