Coy Public Nudity

This model is named Aidan, at least that’s what my old eyes can see in the top right corner.  I had to look up the name, I thought it was a male name, but nope, the name can swing both ways.  Granted, I can’t stand names that can swing both ways, umm, unisex names, because you can be tricked into awkward situations.

Let me give you a quick example:  Aidan is so damn hot.  Now, she is hot, but what if that was a dude and your dick invested itself in seeing a hot girl and it turns out to be a dude.  See that’s why I don’t like unisex sounding names, but I digress.

Here we have a little public nudity from FTV and when I look at a porn shoot there’s almost always something that makes it somewhat unique.  I think Aidan has that killer coy look.  She really has mastered the sensual, coy, I’m getting naked just for you, look.

FTV Girls

FTV Girls


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