The wonderful Y – Only Tease Style

Okay, remember a few posts ago I was talking about the Y.  Well, out of all the sites that I frequent, OnlyTease really does one of the best jobs of showing the Y but nothing else.  The Y is that perfect shape between the legs, vagina, hips, etc, you know, read my previous post on it.

Onlytease takes this one step further than most.  Since they’re a softcore site, they don’t really show the model spread eagle, instead they have them like this:



All I can say is, that the tease is almost too much for me, I almost want to say, “Spread it and shove something in” but you really have to appreciate just how this teasing style of porn can work you up more than hardcore stuff.  I guess it leaves a little more to the imagination and my imagination is quite perverted 😀

Just to further this imagination thing, they have her dressed up as a Stewardess.  Now, I hate flying, but I might fly if she was on the plane.