Some Light Lesbianism with Red XXX

Some light lesbian action brought to you by Red XXX.  This redheaded milf really knows how to please and for some reason I think all women have a slight lesbian side.  Here me out, a woman, even one that’s always seemed completely straight, will suddenly comment on a woman and say if they’re hot or not.

WTF is that about?  You never hear a man call another man good looking, unless that’s your thing, but seriously any straight man would rather have their eyes plucked out by a vulture rather than saying another man is good looking.

Say you have a good looking male friend and you’re hooking him up on a blind date.  The woman asks you, “What does he look like”…I would say something like, “He doesn’t have visible horns” because I just don’t fucking know if he’s good looking or not.

This is why women are part lesbian because they can almost always tell if another woman is hot or not.  What does this have to do with this light lesbianism of Red XXX?  I can picture her seducing an otherwise straight woman because women are more curious than men.  Just saying and you know it’s true.



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