Sensual Blonde In Glasses and Stockings

There are just so many fetishes in porn that you can pretty much find any topic and it’s a fetish.  A lot of the fetishes I don’t understand at all, but there’s some that I kinda get and have at least an appreciation for the fetish.  Girls in glasses…I kind of get that fetish.

Here we have an example of a pretty blonde in stockings and glasses from OnlyTease.  This is an amazingly sensual set of photos.  It’s the kind of fantasy one would hope would happen once in their life, where a secretary type, wearing glasses, starts to do a striptease.  Here’s the thing about the girls in glasses fetish and if you’re into this sort of thing please feel free to disagree with me, but for me it’s attractive because glasses themselves as long been considered not attractive.

Making something that was socially considered “unattractive” into a part of something sensual and attractive really does do it for me.  Enough of my babble though, enjoy the photos, and I’ll see if I can find more sites and pictures like this.




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