Uniform Striptease To Pantyhose

What’s the deal with people being attracted to uniforms?  Here we have an Onlytease model doing that whole Catholic Uniform.  Now, for me over thinking the topic.  I think we generally like uniforms, both men and women, because it’s the whole, conformist doing something that’s the exact opposite of conforming.

Uniforms are basically that, a conformity suit to an organization, and conformity is generally boring as hell.  Flip conformity on it’s side and what do you have?  Porn.  Okay, that’s not entirely true because you have conformity in porn as well, but taking a uniform and including it in porn, it just acts out the desire we have of breaking through rigid conformity.

Okay, so that’s probably a load of bull what I just wrote and it’s because some girl named Becky was the first to blossom and the first to raise the hem line of her skirt…ah memories, they do make us horny adults.



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