The Perfect Proportions of Desirae Spencer

I like to over-analyze everything and that goes with porn as well as everyday life situations.  It’s a problem and I’m trying to work on it, but I thought I would share one of my random thoughts about Desirae Spencer.  One of the reasons I think she stands out more than other models, perfect proportions!

Bear with me, but, she’s very proportionate, she’s tall, but she’s got beautiful long legs, hourglass figure, and I think that’s what makes her so special.  There’s plenty of beautiful models, don’t get me wrong, I almost will go so far to say that all women are beautiful in some way, but if you just had a silhouette of Desirae Spencer, without seeing anything else,  you would still think she was sexy.

I remember a few years ago watching some documentary on sex and they showed the silhouettes of different shaped women, and even aboriginals picked what we define as sexy, I believe it was Marilyn Monroe that they all picked.  There’s something in our pea brains that know an hourglass shape is the ideal and Desirae Spencer is the perfect silhouette.  Check out her site Naughty At Home and the gallery below.

Desirae Spencer

Desirae Spencer


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