Hayley Marie Coppin at Pinup Wow

I haven’t posted Hayley Marie Coppin yet on this blog because she’s the one for me.  I think everyone has that one model that just does it for them and Hayley Marie Coppin just happens to be that model for me.  I haven’t posted about her because I didn’t want to sound, umm, like a stalker.  Granted I would never stalk anyone, too much work, lol, but if I were to stalk someone it would be Hayley Marie Coppin.

Hayley only does softcore shoots and sites.  I became aware of her first on OnlyTease and then sorta just followed her career eversince.  Here she’s doing a shoot for Pinup Wow and she’s dressed up like a can can girl.  Okay, erotic fantasy begin of me owning a club back in the late 1800′s….she’s working for me…and…I’ll finish this thought up on my own.  Enjoy and make up your own fantasy.

Pinup Wow

Pinup Wow


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