Desirae Spencer Lingerie and a Smile

Thought I would throw another Desirae Spencer at you just because she is one of my favorite models and it’s my blog and I’m going to post my favorite models!  Desirae is in some sexy lingerie, just doing a casual striptease, and it looks like she’s in some hotel room (or at least the same room from last shoot).

Naughty at Home is her site btw, I don’t think I mentioned that in the last post.  I wonder how tall she is, hmm, maybe I’ll look it up because just by looking at her she’s got that tall sexy look.  Holy, as I’m looking up info on her, I find out she’s my age of 41, woohoo, I don’t know why that makes me happy, but it does for some reason.

Okay, back to the original point, she’s 5′ 9″…I told you she had that tall sexy look about her.

Naughty at Home

Desirae Spencer


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