Stocking Clad Nurse Hayley Marie Coppin

Okay, I’m not sure if Hayley Marie Coppin is a nurse or a maid in this photoshoot, but I’m going with nurse because I want her to take care of me if I ever get sick.  I’m serious, if I have to be ill, there has to be Hayley Marie to brighten my day.  Stockings, which means Onlytease, I think they’re the best stocking site on the net.  Enjoy!

Hayley Marie
Hayley Marie Coppin


French Maid In Stockings

What is it about the French Maid uniform that drives most men crazy.  I over analyze everything, so bear with me, but I think it has something to do with every man’s desire to have a beautiful subservient woman that is under their employment.

Gee, that doesn’t sound to politically correct, but fuck it all, it’s a porn blog and I’m going to say whatever comes to mind and that also happens to be the truth.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a maid, secretary, or employee, there’s just something appealing about a woman being in that situation where they’re not in power.  I know it’s wrong or at least that’s what society tells us to say, but the reason why there’s so many different kind of uniform fetishes is the fact that men like this scenario.

The modern male has been emasculated, so much so, that even when they agree with something that sounds chauvinistic they feign outrage.  We’ve all been in that situation where we’re with friends and suddenly the chauvinistic pig of the group will suddenly become Gloria Steinem to impress that chick that’s sorta liberal.

I’m not saying it’s right and if there’s a feminist reading this blog please excuse the honesty, but if your boyfriend wants you to dress up as a maid, realize he’s just acting out a fantasy of dominance.

Okay, enough psychobabble, lets look at this beauty from OnlyTease: