Another Retro Pinup from PinupWow

Did I ever tell you about the time that all I wanted to eat was tuna sandwiches?  Well, short story for like a week I became obsessed with tuna sandwiches and the only way I killed the urge was to eat as many as I wanted.  It took a week, but then I didn’t want to even see a tuna sandwich for the next 2 years.

I think I’m in a pinupwow obsession, but this one has lasted a long time, but sometimes the urge to look at their content sweeps over me and that’s all I’ll look at for a bit.  I think its because they use models and a style that is fresh, it cleanses the porn pallet, and then it makes porn new again.  So, enjoy this retro pinup from Pinupwow, cleanse your porn pallet, and get back to me.



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