Keisha Grey and Cereal Before Bed

I was having a nice bowl of cereal before bed, just drank down the milk from the bowl…mmm…and all I wanted to do is go to bed.  At that moment I realized I was going to skip posting for the night.  Hell, okay, so I’m out of bed and I’m picking a random model.

Keisha Grey, you have been selected, now lets take a look at you:

Keisha Grey
Keisha Grey


She’s cute hot, that’s right, kinda like, she’s so cute, and hot, all at the same time.  Tattoos, meh, I’m personally not a fan, especially since everyone has them now and they generally don’t have a really important meaning.  Granted, it doesn’t matter all that much.  She looks like that actress, shit, I gotta look the name up now, Eva Mendes, but not quite, kinda like if Eva Mendes had an impressionable younger sister that you convinced to do porn.

Anyway, I completed this task for the day and now I can go to sleep.