Hayley Marie Coppin Pinup Wow

I’ll tell you right now that Hayley Marie Coppin is my favorite model.  That’s saying a lot and I could have said, one of my favorite models, but nope, she’s the one for me.  I should do like a series just on her but I’ll stick to sprinkling her here and there.

One thing that I like about Hayley, and not just her amazing body, but the fact that she can talk on camera and not make your brain hurt.  I’ve seen some porn models, they look plenty hot, but you have to turn the volume off because their voice is so damn annoying.

Hayley is playful, British, and I swear I could watch her just reciting the yellow pages.  Here she is for Pinupwow, wearing glasses and stocking, and it’s just an incredible shoot.




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