Nataly Cherie – Natural Boobies

I would rather a model had natural boobies like Nataly Cherie than huge fake ones.  Generally though, as long as I’m seeing naked breasts I’m a happy camper, just saying, the natural feel so much better.

Nataly Cherie
Nataly Cherie


I have to say that I’m very drawn to a model like Nataly Cherie, she’s unique because she’s real, umm, does that make any sense?  It’s like this is the girl you would most likely pick up at a bar and have a wonderful time with and she’s a realistic dream to have.  I mean some pornstars you look at them and say, “I don’t have a chance in hell with them” but Nataly you think there’s a possibility.

Why have I posted so much today, umm, I got this bluetooth keyboard for my kindle and I’m sitting on the couch, totally relaxed, my dog is sleeping next to me, and generally I feel pretty good.  When I feel pretty good, I type more, write more, read more, do everything more.  Anyway, last post for the day, my dog just looked up at me annoyed at the clacking sound of the keyboard.

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