Jazy Berlin

I try not to be mean in my posts because I know its not easy being a porn person.  First hand experience tells me how the ordinary people, the ones that visit the sites, buy the memberships, etc, will be total hypocrites when it comes to people in the porn industry.

I’m just a webmaster, a guy behind the scenes, and I get that type of treatment.  I can only imagine what it would be like for someone that is in front of the camera.  I’ve established that I’m sympathetic, now I can be mean.  Jazy Berlin has to be the stupidest porn name I’ve ever heard.  It sounds like a stripper from WWII or something.

Jazy Berlin

Jazy Berlin


She’s not a bad looking woman, I mean, if she had a different name I probably would have focused on her nice tight body or those big titties, but instead I’m left concentrating on her silly name.  Okay, I’ve forgotten her name now, just looking at her gallery, and yes she’s got enough looks to overcome an unfortunate name selection.

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