Erotics at the Beach




“I’ve got it, I’ve got it!”  Okay, so I’m waiting for her to catch a giant beach ball in that photo but it never comes.  Yes, I’m an odd person with odd thoughts but seriously, what is she waiting to catch?

I’ve said this about nudists, but I’m also going to say it about nude beaches, they’re usually populated with people you wouldn’t really want to see nude.  Granted, any woman showing me tit would get some wood, and what’s the protocol with something like that?  Would a nudist get insulted if I got some wood looking at them?  I mean, it should be considered a compliment right?  I don’t know how nudists do it, because even ugly naked woman give me a chubby…ah well, I guess it’s good I’m not a nudist.  Enjoy the gallery from Femjoy!

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