Enticing Babe in School Girl Uniform

What is it about these types of uniforms that drive adult men crazy?  I think it’s more that most men my age have a story connected with these types of outfits and you’re going to hear mine right now.

I’m a product of a public school education.  Basically, I spent my time trying to get out of school because I just didn’t like it and I was smarter than the teachers or at least I thought so.  On my way to school was a church, with a school, and they had these really high fences.  I mean, really tall fences around it, it would put the standard prison to shame.

However, the wonder of chain link fences is they don’t stop you from seeing all that went on, yes, all those girls playing in their uniform, and you could always pick the slut out of the group because the hem of her skirt was a little higher and she had that top button undone on her shirt…so, now you know the reason I have a fondness for these types of uniforms, what’s your excuse?  😀  Enjoy the gallery from OnlyTease:



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