So beautiful she’s almost unreal

When I first saw this model I thought to myself, “She can’t be real” because her body is so perfect.  She almost looks like a 3d graphic and some artists interpretation of what perfection should look like.

Once I realized she was actually real I had this mental debate with myself, “Is she too perfect?” and that got me thinking of whether or not I would actually go with a girl that was that perfect looking.

See, I tend to think that every man would want her, and she would eventually pick someone that’s also perfect.  Yes, that’s part of a realistic view of the world, that pretty people should be with pretty people, or in this case perfect unreal beauty going with someone of equal standing.

However, part of me would chance it just to say that perfection was an ex, because let’s face it, other women would be like, “what did that perfection see in him?” and subsequently it would add to the mystery of me, lol.  I’m rambling now, enjoy perfection, and if you can think of anyone that’s even close to her perfection wise let me know.




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