Stockings can make the woman

I think this model is pretty ordinary looking, but stockings can really make the woman.  I’ve said this in previous posts regarding lingerie, french maid uniforms, but now I’m going to say that also holds true for stockings.

Don’t get me wrong, this model is good looking, but I’m pretty sure she’s not going to make a living from porn, but this one moment in time, captured by OnlyTease, she does elevate herself beyond the ordinary.  Is it that stockings?  Yes it is!  I suppose it’s also the fact that ordinary looking women getting naked is also kinda hot, but I have to give points to stockings on this one.

The uniform, hmm, I don’t know it, must be some like British crossing guard uniform or something like that but because I don’t have that connection with it, meh, it’s not that appealing to me, but the stockings definitely added to her beauty.



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