Ariana Maria – The Girl Next Door Hot

Okay, in real life the girl next door is never this hot!  In my entire life, I’ve never lived next to a really hot girl next door.  I’m starting to think the saying is a little flawed, but it does suit Ariana Maria.

Ariana Maria

Ariana Maria


I guess it has to do with innocence maybe?  I’m not sure but I want to take her to the prom or something, wait, what?  I mean, she’s the type of girl you would do those girlfriend type things with and plotting how you’re going to have sex with her the full time.

Wait, I just noticed, she’s also got small nipples…like, the kind you would find on some anatomically correct doll or something.  Oh well, she’s still crazy hot in that, umm, girl next door sorta way.


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