Sexy Busty French Maid

Remember how in Star Trek the Original, everything was suppose to be all equal and junk because it was the future, but women still wore extremely short mini-skirts.  That’s the kind of equality I can get behind.

Why mention that?  For a long time I thought that every woman should be forced to wear a Star Trek mini-skirt, but as I’m typing this and if I had the power to put a woman in any uniform, it would have to be the French Maid uniform.  I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a woman dressed up as a French Maid?

Imagine how pleasant each day would be if every woman was dressed up like a French maid and pretty much any woman looks better dressed up as a French Maid, I’m not kidding, if Queen Elizabeth II was dressed up as a French Maid, I would probably still get wood.

Since that mental image probably made most of you go, ewww, I offer you this lovely busty blonde from Onlytease dressed up as a French Maid.



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