Erotic Nudes On The Water

The only thing I have to say about these erotic nudes on the water is, “Holy shit!  Does she have a great body!” and that’s pretty much all I have to say.  Granted, I never shut the fuck up, so here’s some more thoughts on these erotic nudes from Femjoy:  I wonder if all women from Europe look that good?

I think they get most of their models from former Eastern Block countries because they’re almost always new to me, never seen them before, probably wont see them again, but they’ve added that special bit of awesome to the porn world.  This model has the perfect torso area, I know this is an odd thing to say, but it’s like perfect breasts on a perfect ribcage just makes her, umm, perfect…Did I use that word too much in this description.  Whatever, enjoy, the pics.




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