Curvy Beauty In Sports Car

I’ll never own an expensive car.  Even if I had the money for one, I’m one of those people that just would buy practical crap, because I view most things in a usefulness sort of way.

Seeing this model Zoe showing her perfect natural breasts in an expensive car, umm, suddenly makes owning an expensive car a practical purchase, lol.  I joke, I joke, but it certainly does seem to work on women.  I believe most women look at the car you drive and figure out what kind of provider you would be.  Am I over thinking again?

Back to the model at hand, her name is Zoe, I don’t know if she’s appeared elsewhere, but when I saw this photo shoot with her I instantly fell in love or lust, I guess lust would be the right answer.  Perfect curves, beautiful face, and those eyes are just hypnotic.  Check out FTV Girls if you want to see more of her.

Okay, I was going to end the post at that paragraph but she gave me such wood I had to find out her full model name.  She’s Zoe Britton and google her, she’s done some other porn and she really is a dick twitcher (someone that makes my dick twitch just incase you were wondering)




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