Desirae Spencer in Red Bikini or is it lingerie?

I think it’s the red stockings that made me first think that Desirae Spencer was in lingerie, but on closer examination and let’s face it, who wouldn’t examine her closer, it appears to be a red bikini.

Does it matter to me?  Nah, but does it matter to women?  If you go to the beach during summer you see a lot of women wearing next to nothing in their swimsuits, but these same women will freak out if people see them in their underwear.  Normally I don’t try to understand women, but I’m  going to venture a guess here and say, society says one thing is alright and the other isn’t.

Men don’t care, that’s why there’s fewer porn addicts over the summer because they can just go to any beach and get their jollies.  I’m  going to go enjoy Desirae regardless if that’s a bikini or lingerie…men are flexible like that.

Desirae Spencer
Desirae Spencer


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