Sienna Day – British Beauty

I find British women sexy.  There, I said it, I admit it, a lot of people in the porn industry will mock me for that statement.  The thing is British women aren’t typical looking for porn, they don’t have the fake tits, the spray on tan, the type of woman you see and go, “Yeah she should be in porn.”

I’m of the opinion that this realism, this more natural look, is more appealing to me.  Either that or I had a thing for Mary Poppins when I was growing up and now you see the results of that manifesting itself in my love for British women.  Whatever, lol, I don’t think that’s the case because I just pick these models based on thumbnails and later find out that they’re British, so there!

Sienna Day
Sienna Day


Twistys only had one video gallery of her, which kinda sucks, because I wanted to see more but I’m too lazy to find more.  I think I might do a second post tonight because I saw another model that I absolutely adore.

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