How to make addiction acceptable and some porn from Red XXX

Honestly, I know I have a problem when it comes to Red XXX and I don’t really want to solve the problem.  Yeah, so I like this model, I like seeing her naked, and I like posting about her.  Unlike most of those pantywaists that are like, “wahhh, I have an addiction” I embrace my addictions because I enjoy them.

I’m actually not sure why people are so willing to give up their addictions just because they go against the social norm.  I enjoy porn, I enjoy Red XXX, why should I be ashamed of it?  I have a feeling that as long as you earn money from your addiction it somehow legitimizes it.  Like the guy who’s an alcoholic, if he’s just an alcoholic people will be all up in his business, but if the guy started a million dollar micro brewery, how many people would complain?

I figured out a long time ago, as long as you’re making money, and it’s legal, no one gives a shit about your addictions, well, unless it’s those really religious types, but who cares about them not liking you.  My tip for anyone suffering from addiction:  Find a way to make legal money off it and then no one will care about your addiction.

Damn, I dole out porn, and I give helpful advice.  No wonder people are actually starting to visit this site.



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