Knowing your own sexy

This is a little random rant and I’m going to use Red XXX as the example.  I’ve posted a few times about Red XXX and how hot she is, but it’s more because she knows her own sexy.  Years back before she had a website of her own, she was featured on a few other websites, some of the shoots were hot and some not.  I can almost bet that the failed shoots had someone doing the “directing” and didn’t let Red do her own thing.

That’s a lesson we should all learn, that there isn’t one type of sexy, that you have to discover your own brand of sexy.  I see it all too often, women getting older, and still dressing like a slutty teen.  No, it just doesn’t work, and often it’s kinda scary looking.  Exploring what makes you sexy is something that you should spend some time on, because it isn’t what the media tells you.  The media in general has this very narrow focus on what they say is “sexy” and a lot of the times I find it, umm, not sexy at all.

However, I’m rambling now instead of posting some awesome porn.  Here is Red XXX and yes she knows her sexy.



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