Emma G. From Twistys

I’ve been away so long that most of the models that I loved are retired.  How depressing is that?  I’m trying to find some new favorites and I have to say it’s not all that easy.  I think I’m suffering from some sort of, “Pornstars from my age were hotter!” type syndrome.

Going through Twistys recent models though Emma G caught my eye and it’s mainly because she has a more sophisticated look than what I’ve currently seen and she is very hot because of it.

Emma G

Emma G


See, that’s what I consider hot.  Emma kind of has that naughty secretary look about her, umm, what I mean to say is I can easily think up some scenarios with her that makes her an awesome looking model.

Anyway, I still totally suck at blogging, but whatever, I’m hoping by the time I have some viewers I’m better.

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