Erotic Nudes from Femjoy

She looks like someone and I don’t exactly know who.  I mean she kinda looks like a young Amy Irving, hmm, possibly Debbie Gibson, but she’s definitely hot, young, and naked so why the hell do I care if she looks like someone else.

I’ve always been interested in how some people end up doing porn, not getting paid a lot, and how other people become a movie star, show their tits, and get paid millions.  I mean, many pornstars are absolutely beautiful and they don’t get paid movie star sums.

In many ways it shows how random life is, but I think it also has to do with having a stable background, financial situation, etc.  Rags to riches stories are always appealing but most of the times its upper middleclass to riches.  Have I gone on a tangent again?  Yes I have, anyway, enjoy these erotic nudes from Femjoy.




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